Special offer: Free delivery within Budapest for orders above 12 000 huf (otherwise 1450 huf delivery fee) - Cash on delivery.

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Welcome to BudaPack

Solutions for all your needs

Who are we?

BudaPack is a top notch service company specialised in packing, collecting, storing and transporting personal belongings and luggage. We also offer the possibility to manage and maintain your belongings while you are away. In addition, at BudaPack we offer various packing supplies that are needed for the packing process in case you want to do it yourself.

Our Services

  • Pack my room

If you are not able to pack your room, our team goes into the flat upon a mutual agreement and packs everything into boxes and then we either store it for you or ship it worldwide or relocate it to somewhere else in Hungary. 

  • Send me my stuff

You came to Budapest for a temporary period and you traveled out and got stuck after borders closed? Whether you are an exchange student or a professional we get your items back home. You will not have to be anymore paying rent without using the place and you actually get your stuff back to use. We Collect, pack and send you your items wherever you are.

  • Store my stuff

You are residing in Budapest but you are stuck outside the country because of the COVID-19 borders closers? No one knows when we will be actually be able to travel again normally. We can help save money on rent by collecting, packaging, and storing your belongings in secure place until your return. That way you won't have to pay rent for a place you are not using.

  • Shipping abroad solutions (including special items like suitcases, bags, instruments, paintings, etc...)

You're moving out of Hungary? Or simply traveling but got a lot of luggage to handle? We have arranged great deals with well-known international shipping companies and even small private transporters to guarantee a safe, fast, economic delivery of your parcels. Wether it is a small bag or a huge painting or a heavy box we create for you an optimised solution for your request. Nothing is impossible.

  • Moving within Hungary

You are moving from a place to another? got tons of bags, suitcases, boxes and a chaos all around? No worries, we take care of moving and removals service from A to Z. We go inside your 1st place, pack & protect what needs to be packed, collect the items, taking them out, load them into the vehicle, drive to the 2nd address, unload everything and take it inside the place. You don't have to do anything except open your doors to us.

  • Take care of my property

While you are away, you should not worry about your properties. If you have an empty flat or house and it needs regular check up for maintenance, cleaning, or even watering the plants. We are here for you. We can also check on your parked car and offer full interior and exterior cleaning.

  • Sell my extra stuff

Once you are moving from one place to another, whether it's in the same country or not, you definitely find those extra items that you do not use anymore (clothes, electronics, etc...). Instead of throwing them or leaving them behind, we can help you sell those items at a reasonable price. That way you save space and make some extra cash on the side.

  • Donate my extra stuff

We all have those few extra items that are just laying there not being used for a while (clothes, electronics, etc...). Instead of throwing it to trash we can help you donate it for those in need. Thanks to our network in Budapest we have connections with several NGOs that provide for those in need (homeless, elderly, low income families, etc...). We work in full transparency and honesty, we make sure everything is delivered to its place.

For more details please contact via our Facebook page or email to budapack.booking@gmail.com.

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